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What do we do at YQL Nutrition?

YQL Nutrition offers customized nutrition programs tailored to your individual goals to help you look, feel, and perform your very best. There are NO templates here!!!

We use a holistic approach with our plans and make adjustments as needed based on your progress.

These programs are for ANYONE, whether you are an athlete, busy professional, or a stay at home mom, we are here to help!

Your Quality Life Nutrition’s Blog

The Power of Habits

The Power of Habits

As we introduced in our blog  "The Foundation for Success Begins with a Healthy Lifestyle", behaviour and lifestyle habits is the foundation of our pyramid; and consistency with your actions is the key to long-term sustained results. Why is consistency so important? ...

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Pregnancy and Nutrition

Pregnancy and Nutrition

HI Mama, we know that all the information out there about how to care for yourself during pregnancy can be overwhelming.  As nutrition coaches we have identified a need for more education surrounding nutrition, healthy habits, and pregnancy. As a mom of two, Robyn...

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The Power of Habits

The Foundation for Success Begins With a Healthy Lifestyle

Ever wonder what makes up a Healthy and Sustainable lifestyle? Over the next few blogs, we are going to go over the “Hierarchy for a Healthy Lifestyle”, that we at YQL Nutrition use to empower our clients to look, feel, and perform their very best with an approach...

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YQL Nutrition  Specializes In

  • Weight loss
  • Sport Performance
  • Aesthetics
  • Enhanced Health
  • Living Your Quality Life!

About Your Coach Robyn Stewart

Living in Lethbridge Canada, Robyn Stewart has a love for being active and living a healthy lifestyle. She developed a curiosity and passion for all things nutrition, paired with a love for CrossFit and feels extremely lucky to be able to help others achieve their personal goals.

As a Registered Nurse, Robyn understands that addressing clients as a whole person is essential in order to achieve their goals — it's not just about food!

Robyn holds the following certifications: