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Success Stories

Working with Robyn has been awesome. She is really responsive to all questions and open to modifications and tips that really help achieve your goals while keeping your plan realistic! Her support and enthusiasm has been awesome. I have spent most of my life being active but have never really focused on nutrition. This experience of feeling better and seeing physical changes has been really powerful! Thanks for everything Robyn!

I can say the nutrition plan Robyn put me on has yielded great results. She is always available to answer questions or concerns and gets back to me right away. Her ability to modify my nutrition over time to achieve my goal has been fantastic. One thing is for sure, I had to commit to the plan to see results. But she has set me up so well that my energy levels are great and hunger is minimal. Robyn is amazing and I can’t wait to reach my end goal.

Since starting work with you, I have noticed a substantial improvement in performance and recovery. I never experienced that “second gear” I heard athletes talking about before your counseling, but now find I can tap into it when needed. My focus has always been performance, but I feel like I have leaned out slightly as well. All this has been accomplished while eating all the carbs. All. Of. Them. I like how we have weekly check-ins, and that you always have an answer to all my questions.

I worked with Robyn on my nutrition for about a year and a half. My goals were based most importantly on my performance as I compete in both CrossFit and Olympic Weightlifting. I knew next to nothing about tracking macros, fuelling my body properly, vitamins, supplements, any of it! I approached Robyn once I found out she became a nutrition coach and it was easily the best decision I have ever made as an athlete. My training, energy levels, confidence, and strength absolutely skyrocketed when I started eating enough (I was way under-eating) and of the right foods! Having Robyn listen to how my body was feeling, how my mind was feeling, and everything else really made a difference in not only my performance but in my everyday life. It was so beneficial to have someone check in with me on a weekly basis to make sure everything on MY end was going well. When it wasn’t, adjustments were made and we were right back on track. 
The biggest take away I got from having Robyn help with my macros was knowledge. Having the ability to continue to fuel my body, make adjustments, and keep my performance levels so high even after I stopped working with Robyn is incredible. She helped me find a plan that was sustainable for my lifestyle, and I have stuck to it for almost a year AFTER we stopped working directly together. Having that support really allowed me to become successful in having a really good relationship with food, my performance and become a healthier individual. 

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About Your Coach Robyn Stewart

Living in Lethbridge Canada, Robyn Stewart has a love for being active and living a healthy lifestyle. She developed a curiosity and passion for all things nutrition, paired with a love for CrossFit and feels extremely lucky to be able to help others achieve their personal goals.

As a Registered Nurse, Robyn understands that addressing clients as a whole person is essential in order to achieve their goals — it's not just about food!

Robyn holds the following certifications: